Water Revival

[Competition Entry]
U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Innovation in Affordable Housing Competition
February 2016

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Alex Bibb
Emily Brown
Lyndsey Deaton
Andrew Jepson-Sullivan
Molly Taylor

THE COMPETITION. “The need for quality, affordable housing has never been greater. At its best, housing can help strengthen the social and physical fabric of communities and neighborhoods. The IAH competition has been designed to replicate a real-life approach. Multi-disciplinary teams are asked to address social, economic, and environmental issues by responding to a specific housing problem developed by an actual public housing agency. This competition is designed to encourage research and innovation in affordable housing, to raise practitioner and future practitioner capacity, and to foster cross-cutting team-work within the design and community development process.”

AWARDS. Water Revival was selected as a semifinalist in the 2016 edition of the HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Competition as one of the top ten entries from universities all over the United States.

THE DESIGN. Water Revival, a family-friendly, mixed-income community in the heart of Santa Barbara’s Lower Westside, creates the opportunity to demonstrate the responsible use of water. The site is developed around a reinvention of the residential swimming pool, offering a place for recreation that uses 70% less water, is safer for children, and is a symbol for water conservation. Architectural form takes inspiration from the site’s Spanish history and mild climate, applying urban design patterns that promote security and a comfortable pedestrian experience, resulting in a mixed-use anchor for the neighborhood.