[Studio Project]
Alton Baker Park
Eugene, Oregon, United States
May 2014

Presentation Boards

THE STUDIO. R3 is the result of a studio that asked students to propose an intervention that “does the most with the least” to improve the qualities of a given site. This term-long project involved intensive site analysis, detailed site programming, and comprehensive schematic design which included planting, grading, and flood mitigation plans. The site for the design was Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon.

THE DESIGN. Initially intended to be a “showcase example of what a park can be,” the Alton Baker Park duck pond falls short of that ideal. Now almost 40 years after it was built, the pond has an antiquated design, is stagnant, lacking habitat, and prone to high waters and flooding. R3 attempts to address these issues by reestablishing the historic channel of the Willamette River. The result is a landscape that resiliently responds to seasonal high waters, provides extended habitats for people and native species, and improves recreational access to water.