PNCA Plaza

[Studio Project]
Pacific Northwest College of Arts
Portland, Oregon, United States
March 2015

Construction Document Set

Andrew Jepson-Sullivan
Matt Jorgensen

THE PROJECT. PNCA Plaza is the entry space for the new home of the Pacific Northwest College of Art. The plaza will act as a social space for students, faculty, and local Portlanders, and will be the new terminus to the Portland north park blocks. The space is designed in the Portland vernacular, taking cues from Portland landscape architecture landmarks like Director Park and Jamison Square. Program elements include an interactive fountain, stage area, elevated shelter structure, and a café.

  • Site Plan

  • Grading and Drainage Plan

  • Lighting Plan

  • Planting Plan

  • Mechanical Plan

  • Details

  • Fountain Details

A major focus of the studio was the development of detailed construction documents for the plaza. This included specifying materials and construction methods for all elements of the design. The final construction set (L01 through L14) includes: survey plan, site plan, layout plan, grading and drainage plan, lighting plan, planting plan, irrigation plan, silva cell plan, mechanical/fountain plan, as well as several detail sheets for the structure, fountain layout and mechanics, and standard details.