Kingsborough Park

[Professional Project]
Client: Dallas Parks
Dallas, Oregon, United States
November 2014

Presentation Board

THE PROJECT. This design is part of the reimagining of Kingsborough Park in Dallas, Oregon, as part of a new Parks Master Plan developed by the University of Oregon’s Community Planning Workshop. Multiple concepts were developed based on park user feedback and stakeholder surveys, and refined through meetings with the Dallas Parks Advisory Board.

  • Final Concept

  • Concept 1

  • Concept 2

  • Concept 3

  • Context

THE DESIGN. Concepts focused on different locations and scales for required program elements. Stormwater management was a significant design consideration, as runoff from future development to the north of the park is a concern. Modification of the existing detention basin was also a major focus of the design. The final design concept is included in the new Parks Master Plan, and serve as a starting point for a new Kingsborough park when the city acquires funding.

AWARDS. The Kingsborough Park meadow rendering (below) was awarded an Award of Distinction from the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI). It was one of 14 student images chosen for an award, and will be featured in the 2016 “Architecture in Perspective” catalog and exhibition.